ELIA – The last Prophet / Illuminatos

There are secret political networks the lay public doesn’t know anything about. These networks are called secret societies...Through superior power they influence money lending of secret money printing monopolies, through a capital dictatorship they determine everything by means of political action in all countries...They give bribes, influence presidential elections by means of biased electoral assistance and party donation. Through a pyramidal society structure and memberships of millions of men in industry, politics, military, educational system and bank hierarchy they are able to support and corrupt everything in this world...

Although all of us believe politics to happen by chance, every event is planned years in advance by the committee of the 300 big ones sitting on the round table. On top of these 300 chosen ones there is a committee of 33 heads coming from the so-called financial nobility like Rothschild, Rockefeller and many more...

Like the strings of a puppet they hold the rains of 20-30 networks in society. It is them who really do have the say. They influence legislation, rule over big industry, capital, politicians and have enough power and influence to be able to start a third world war.

Churchill once said:“ When the Clan of Rothschilds wanted to have a Napoleon, they got him, and if they want to have a first or second world war, they do also get it... If they don’t want to have it, there will be a war of mice...“

Of course, this power is hidden very well within our pseudo democracy. Neither shares nor big companies do identify their owners. However, we do know that these 30 families – through money lending - have been manipulating all governments through payment of interest on debts since Babylon.

Today, they have whole think tanks to manipulate countries that are not yet caught in their spiral of indeptedness. The thinking of money lending has been manipulated for generations... They used to be called „The Priests of Money“.

Nobody makes an effort to check the interrelations. If anybody would do so, they would realize that the big business of  6000 big companies and their owners are all connected by networks meeting at some of the big companies owned by those families. As real power can only maintain by means of invisibility, these families would wish to be invisible.

By means of their honorable ideas, which they have been setting in people’s minds for 2000 years, they determine everything. Because of their secret Freemason’s Lodges they reign over each city or bigger village. They are networks working as well on top as on bottom in everyday life.

Everybody is dependent on money lending and this superior power. Thus it is quite easy to get onto dangerous ground of loan and interest to remain silent.

When ELIA, an author, wrote about secret societies he got threatened.

His books were registered on the index  and one even tried to get rid of him.

As a consequence, a group of people gathered to support, safe and spread his work.

Of course, all kinds of media and big publishing companies are controlled by the Freemasons‘ and Illuminati’s censorship. Thus nothing will reach public attention without being arranged by them and their networks.

Even judges are members in each country and if there are hot potatoes to be dealt with the affected doesn’t have the slightest chance...

The illuminati are pyramidal networks that have penetrated each other from top to bottom. For centuries, they have been using secret services to infiltrate each other. Thus, Rosenkreutzer are members of the Freemasons and the church is interspersed with Freemasons and the Lodge Opus Dei.

However, people are neither aware of the fact that all information and power meet at the peak of this hierarchy, nor of the fact that this handful of supranational interests has turned the outer world into a theatre stage... In each everyday situation we are treated like unsuspecting sheep.

If there is anybody standing in their way it is like the facts written down in the Papers of the Wise of Zion which were only a copy of Machiavelli’s papers or of the Illuminati of Weishaupt....

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